Smith County Divorce Decree


If you are facing a divorce you should consult with an experienced divorce attorney. I handle both uncontested and contested divorce cases in East Texas. In a contested matter your divorce attorney should be willing to have an aggressive approach if needed. An aggressive attorney simply means a lawyer using all available legal resources to them while still acting in a professional and ethical manner.

If you are in the middle of a heated divorce you need the assurance that your divorce lawyer is doing everything in their power to achieve the most favorable outcome for you. You should have a clear and full understanding of what is going on in your case at all times. I understand that divorce or any family law matter may be something new for my clients. In order for them to understand all aspects of their case, I encourage them to ask questions anytime during their divorce. All of my divorce clients have the ability to securely log in to a client web portal to view the status of their case, case documents, send and receive messages directly to me. Communication with your attorney in a divorce is crucial, I make it a point to return my client’s calls and emails as soon as possible.

As a local divorce attorney in Tyler, I handle divorces in Smith, Gregg, and Rusk Counties. Regardless if you feel you have a simple divorce or a complex divorce I encourage you to give me a call to review your options. I also have a FAQ page available for your convenience.