Family Law

The first step in any family law matter is to find the right family law attorney for you and your specific needs. There are many attorneys that practice family law. I recommend conducting an internet search and find an attorney with experience and a solid reputation. I have over 15 years of experience as a trial attorney. When I meet with a new client for an initial family law consult I recommend they create a list of any questions they may have about the process. This first consult is a perfect time to answer any questions, and in general, get to know each other.

As a solo attorney, my clients are assured their case will be handled by me and won’t be passed from attorney to attorney. This personal approach ensures that your case will not be viewed as just another file. At a larger firm, it may not be uncommon for attorneys who you never met to work on your case and even attend court hearings on your matter. As a Tyler Family Law Attorney, my goal is that each client feels comfortable asking questions and has the availability to contact me whenever is needed. I provide each of my clients with an online client portal that they can log in to securely and view case documents, upload files, send and receive messages regarding their case. I also make it a point to return any phone calls or emails as soon as possible.


When meeting with a Family Law Attorney you should express your expected outcome of the case and ask questions. Having a clear understanding of what your options are is vital to the path your case takes. I handle family law cases in Smith, Gregg, and Rusk Counties. If you have questions regarding family law check out my FAQ page or schedule a consult with me.