Child Custody Lawyer

Child Custody & Support

As a mother myself, I know the most important thing in life is your children. As a child custody attorney, I will fight for your children’s best interest. When looking for a family law attorney for your custody case it is important to find an experienced lawyer who will fight for a positive outcome for you and your children. Family law and divorce cases involving children are often a long and emotional journey.

If one of the parents has a legitimate concern regarding the other parent’s ability it is absolutely necessary to have an aggressive lawyer on your side. Your child custody attorney must have the knowledge and willingness to pursue whatever legal avenues there are. For example, if the other parent has an alcohol or drug issue then your attorney should petition the court to require drug and alcohol testing, supervised visits, and counseling. If a parent displays anger issues, abuse, or other abnormal tendencies, then your attorney should be willing to request that the judge order a psychological evaluation, counseling, and supervised visitations.

Many times when children are involved and there is a concern regarding the other parent, a motion for Temporary Orders should be filed. After this motion is filed the court will have a hearing to decide the temporary orders. Sometimes it is important to have temporary orders in place at the beginning while the case is pending.

What to expect at the initial consult

I typically have my clients bring all documents they may have regarding their case. I also recommend they write a list of any questions or concerns they may have. I understand that legal issues can get confusing, however, I try to explain everything so that you have a clear understanding of your case. If there are issues like alcohol, drugs, abuse, you should create a timeline of relevant events. If you have any questions after the consult feel free to contact me anytime. I also encourage people to view my FAQ page.

I have over 15 years of trial experience. If you are looking for an aggressive family law attorney who can help with your children’s best interest feel free to contact me.