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I am a local Tyler divorce attorney serving the Rusk County area. There are plenty of things a person can do on their own, divorce should never be one of them. If you are going through a divorce in Rusk County, no matter how simple or complex you think it may be I strongly suggest you contact a quality divorce attorney in the Henderson, TX area. After starting my career in Houston and gaining valuable experience, I opened my Tyler law office in 2011 and have been assisting families in the East Texas area since. Due to requests, I have decided to focus more attention to the Rusk County area. 


Finding a Good Divorce Attorney in Henderson Texas Area is Crucial

A quality divorce attorney who handles Rusk County cases should be the first step you take in your divorce. It is important to remember that a divorce can have lasting effects on both you and your children. You should feel comfortable and confident with the family law attorney you choose. 

Initial Consultation with a Family Law Attorney

If you are meeting with a divorce attorney in the Henderson Texas area it is important to make sure to ask questions about your divorce. I recommend to my potential clients that they create a list of any questions or concerns that can be addressed during this consult. A divorce can have many moving parts and it is important that you have a clear understanding of your case. I would suggest that if you have any documents pertaining to the divorce you bring those with you as well. 

Rusk County Divorce Process

The Rusk County County divorce process is much like any other county throughout Texas. Divorce must be on file for at least sixty days before it can be finalized, barring any special exclusions to the rule. To start a divorce a petition for divorce will be filed with the Rusk County District Clerk’s office. The District Clerk’s office will assign your case to the family law court in Rusk County.


Service of Divorce in Rusk County

After your case has been filed the Rusk County District Clerk’s office will issue a citation for service. This citation will be served on your spouse with by a constable or process server. Your spouse will have a deadline after being served to file a response to the lawsuit. In an uncontested divorce, this step is typically skipped and a waiver of service is signed by your spouse.  A waiver of service allows a person to receive the appropriate documents without the necessity of personal service.  If you use a local divorce attorney in Henderson, TX chances are they will have a process server they routinely use. 


Experienced Divorce Attorney in the Henderson Texas Area 

When choosing a family law attorney for your Rusk County divorce you should choose an attorney with the experience needed to properly handle your case. When going through a divorce you only get one shot to get it right. Many of my clients come to me based on the referral they received. It is important to me that
at the end of your case you feel comfortable referring to a friend or family member to me if they need a divorce. I handle all types of family law cases.