Family Law Attorney

I am an experienced Family Law Attorney in Tyler, TX. I help families across East Texas with their family law matters such as divorce, child custody, child support and a variety of other legal matters. My main goal at the end of each case is that you as my client will receive the best possible outcome for your case. The best gratitude I can receive as a lawyer is when former clients feel that I did such an outstanding job for them they routinely refer a family member or friend who needs a quality family law attorney in Tyler.

Communication With Your Attorney

One of the most overlooked considerations is being able to communicate with your family law attorney after they have been retained as your counsel. One of the most frequent complaints I hear regarding other attorneys is that it seems impossible to speak with them regarding the case. In any legal matter communication is a must, but especially in a family law matter such as a divorce or child custody case. This is why I make it a point to return all phone calls and emails a soon as possible. I also make use of a legal software program, which enables all clients to have the ability to securely log in and view case documents, case status, and send direct messages to me or my paralegal. At no time in your family law matter should you feel that you are unaware of what the status of your case is, or have unanswered questions or concerns. I am a local Family Law Attorney in Tyler, TX that can help answer your questions.

An Experienced Family Law Attorney Matters

Divorce lawyer in Tyler Texas

Obviously, you want a family law attorney that has the experience, knowledge, and willingness to receive the best possible outcome on your case. As a local Family Law Attorney in Tyler, TX I have handled numerous cases in Smith, Gregg, and Rusk Counties. With over 15 years of proven and successful experience, I will often get requests to handle cases throughout Texas, these requests are considered on a case by case basis.

Aggressiveness When Needed

Using an aggressive family law attorney is sometimes a must. As I mentioned in another post the phrase “aggressive attorney” refers to an attorney’s willingness to use all legal remedies to receive the most positive outcome possible for their client. Under no circumstances should “aggressive attorney” refer to a lawyer who is simply a “loudmouth”. Believe me, judges usually do not view these type of attorneys favorably. ” Aggressive attorney” should also not refer to a lawyer who employs questionable billing practices to give the appearance of aggressiveness.

Types of Cases I handle as a Family Law Attorney in Tyler, TX

  • Child Custody
  • Modification of an Existing Order
  • Enforcement of an Existing Order

Divorce Cases

As a family law attorney in Tyler, I have seen and dealt with numerous divorce cases. Divorce cases, especially the ones involving children are some of the most emotionally charged cases there are. Sometimes this emotion comes naturally when a parent is trying to protect their children or loved ones. If you are going through a divorce it is important to seek the help of a family law attorney in your area. There are many things that you can attempt to do on your own, however, going through a divorce should not be one of them. Even if your divorce or family law matter is uncontested and agreed upon it is still essential to retain the services of a divorce attorney to ensure that the documents presented to the court accurately reflect what you are in agreement in. I have seen a number of people end up spending more in the long run than they would of if they hired a respected family law attorney at the start of their case.

Child Custody & Visitation Issues

After divorce, child custody and child visitation issues are probably the most common type of case I see as a Family Law Attorney. These cases are difficult for all the parties involved. It is always best if the parents are able to co-parent. Sometimes co-parenting is just not feasible due to reluctance from the other parent. Drugs and alcohol can also play a major role in a parent’s ability to effectively co-parent. I strongly advise you to hire a quality child custody attorney whenever you are involved in this type of lawsuit. Your attorney should be someone you can trust will work for an outcome that will be in your child’s best interest.

Modifications of Court Orders

Sometimes after the court has entered an order regarding child custody or child support changes may occur. One of these things that may take place is a significant change in circumstances such as changing jobs and needing to relocate or a pay increase or decrease. If changes take place after an order has been entered it may be necessary to file a motion to modify the existing order. A knowledgable family law attorney in Tyler, TX will be able to walk you through the process of modifying an order. It’s best to meet with a family law attorney first to see if you are eligible to modify the order.

Using a Family Law Attorney to Help with Enforcement of Court Orders

If after an order has been entered with the court and the other party is not following the order, then a motion for enforcement of order may need to be filed with the court. This action can be used anytime one party to the previous suit is not following the order, for example not allowing visitations, not paying support, or not returning property per the court’s order. Many times enforcement and modification motions may be filed at the same time.

What a Family Law Attorney Can and Can’t Do For You

A family law attorney CAN’T  guarantee a certain outcome in your case.

Your Attorney CAN provide their insights into what are realistic expectations for your case is. (Ultimately your case, if not settled, will be decided by a judge or jury).

A family law attorney CAN’T act in an unethical manner towards the other party.

Your lawyer CAN use all ethical legal options available to pursue your case for the best possible outcome.

An attorney CAN’T make you settle your case

An attorney CAN and should make recommendations to you based on her experience.

Family Law Questions & Answers

What Is The Cost Of A Family Law Attorney In Tyler?
I can’t speak for other attorneys, but my hourly rate for family law cases is $350 an hour. Typically the minimum retainer will be $5,000.00 this amount will depend on your specific circumstances. A retainer is an amount paid before starting any work on the case.

What Does Family Law Consist Of?
When attorneys refer to “family law” it typically encompasses divorce, child custody, child support, modification of an existing order, enforcement of an existing order, adoptions. I handle both family law and personal injury cases in the East Texas area.
How Long Does A Family Law Matter Take To Complete?
This will depend on many factors in your specific case. If your case is uncontested it will move quickly through the court system. It is not unusual for a contested family law matter to last 6 months or longer.

What Questions To Ask A Family Law Attorney?
  • Ask about the attorney’s experience and education.
  • The attorney’s fee schedule and how the billing works.
  • What is the process for a family law case in your county.
  • What if any additional expenses may be involved.
  • Any other questions or concerns regarding your case.

I encourage all of my potential clients to create a list of any questions or concerns prior to the initial consultation. The initial consultation is a perfect time to ask this information. I feel that one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of a family law case is that the client is properly informed of their options.

Is There A Charge For The Initial Consultation?
I charge $250.00 for the initial consult, however, if you retain me I will apply the $250.00 towards your retainer amount. The consult lasts approximately 1 hour. I use this time to inform clients about the family law process, answer any questions, ensure that you are fully informed regarding your case, and create a plan to help obtain a positive outcome in your case.

Can You Make My Spouse Pay My Legal Fees?
I do not personally have the authority to force your spouse or ex to pay your attorney fees. I can, however, petition the court to order your spouse pay for your attorney fees if you meet the criteria.
What If I Don't Have Money To Hire A Lawyer
If you are involved in a family law dispute and need a lawyer I would suggest speaking with family or friends about borrowing the money, using a credit card, or obtaining a loan. If none of these options are feasible you may want to contact Lonestar Legal Aid in Tyler.

If you have more questions about Family Law in Smith County please check out my FAQ page or contact me to see if I can assist.