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When To Modify A Court Order

Sometimes life throws a curve ball. After your divorce or child custody case has been resolved the court enters what is called a final order. This order will spell out information such as; child support amount to be paid, visitation schedule, geographical restrictions, morality clause, and other pertinent information. 

Geographical Restriction 

Most of the time if both parents live locally at the time of the divorce the judge will order a geographical restriction regarding the child. A parent with primary custody may receive a  job offer including a pay increase. In some cases, this may be in the best interest of the child to remove the restriction. If the parent who has the right for visitation is not following the schedule regularly, then the need for the restriction may no longer be needed.

Child Support Modification  

If the parent ordered to pay child support has either an increase or decrease in their salary.  Depending on the amount of increase or decrease a modification in child support may be needed. 

Additional Needs for Modification

In addition to the above, almost any other aspect of the order may need to be modified depending on your specific needs. 

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