Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer Dedicated To Positive Outcomes

If you are going through a divorce it is important to have an experienced and qualified divorce lawyer in Tyler. There are many things you can do yourself, however, I never recommend someone attempt to handle their own divorce. I have over 15 years of trial experience handling complex litigation cases throughout Texas. In 2011 I moved back to the Tyler area and opened my own law office. 

Initial Consultation With A Divorce Lawyer

An initial consultation with a divorce lawyer is an opportunity for the attorney to get a firm grasp of the potential client’s expectations and desires. This is also a time for you to ask any family law questions or specific concerns regarding your divorce matter. I recommend to all of my clients they create a list of any questions ahead of time. The consultation last approximately 1 hour but can be tailored to your needs and the complexity of your case. I would suggest that you bring a notepad to write down any notes. If you are not extremely versed in Family Law it can be quite confusing. At the end of the consultation, you should feel confident that all of your concerns have been addressed and you have a full understanding of your options.  

What To Look For In A Family Law Attorney

Many people will spend a lot of time reviewing a restaurant or a particular movie. I suggest using this same approach when choosing a divorce lawyer. A divorce will have long-lasting effects on everyone involved, including your children. I would recommend a lawyer with enough experience and education needed to effectively represent you. To view my experience and education please check out my about me page


Communication With Your Divorce Attorney

One of the most overlooked aspect when finding a divorce lawyer is being able to effectively communicate with them. One of the most frequent complaints I hear about other divorce lawyer is lack of communication. When an attorney and client have good communication the case almost always is a smoother process for everyone. My clients have the ability to view their case status online, securely send and receive messages directly to me, and view case documents. In addition to the online portal client can email me directly or call me. I attempt to return all client calls as soon as possible. If you need to schedule a consultation with a quality divorce lawyer please give me a call.