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The importance of having an experienced child support attorney is vital. As a parent, it’s important to ensure that your child is financially provided for by making sure the other parent is paying the correct amount of child support. If child support is not correctly accounted for at the beginning or if an order for child support gets entered with the wrong amount that should be provided to the children, it can create many more headaches than necessary. In Texas the non-custodial parent would typically pay in accordance with the following:

  • 20 percent of income for one child 
  • 25 percent of income for two children
  • 30 percent of income for three children
  • 35 percent of income for four children
  • 40 percent of income for five children and

These percentages are in addition to health obligations that the court orders. The Texas Attorney General has a very useful calculator to use as a guideline. 

When a parent who is obligated to pay child support and is self-employed or owns a business additional work may be needed to get an accurate amount of that parent’s income. A qualified Child Support Lawyer in Tyler can assist.

Modifying Child Support in Tyler

Sometimes things change after an order to pay child support has been entered. For example, if the parent who is obligated to pay receives a pay increase or a new job a modification may be needed. If the amount of child support needs to change after the order has been entered, you should speak with a child support attorney to review your options.

Enforcement of a Child Support Order

When the parent who should pay child, support is not fulfilling their duties it may be necessary to file a motion to enforce child support order with the court that originally entered your order. As a Child Support Attorney in Tyler, two questions I usually get asked regarding child support are:

Can the judge can put a person in jail for not paying? Jail is an option that a judge has available to use but is typically only used as a last resort. However, if the other parent is requesting jail and you are in Tyler or the surrounding area you should contact me, an aggressive Tyler child support attorney. 

Can the parent having conservatorship keep the children from the parent not paying child support? No, a parent is not allowed to keep the other parent from their visitation simply because child support is behind. 

Meeting with a Tyler Child Support Attorney

If you are meeting with a Child Support Attorney in Tyler, you should bring all related documents with you. If you are the parent who is obligated to pay you should also bring recent paycheck stubs, income tax returns, and any other related income documents. Write a list of questions and concerns to review with your family law attorney. Please contact me to see if I can assist with your child support questions. 

Questions & Answers Regarding Child Support

Do I Have To Have A Lawyer For A Child Support Case?
As with any case you have the right to represent yourself, however, it is not advisable. I strongly recommend retaining a lawyer with child support experience.
Is There A Consult Fee?
I charge $250.00 for child support consultation. The consult will last approximately 1 hour. I suggest to bring in your recent pay stubs, income tax records, proof of past child support payments, etc. I advise prospective clients to make a list of any questions or concerns as this is a great time to ask them. After the child support consult you should feel confident that you know what is ahead of you.
Can You Go To Jail For Back Child Support?
Yes that is a possiblilty. However, there are many other options available and more feasible than jail. It is not unusual for an attorney to request jail time for someone not paying child support.
What Is The Cost For A Child Support Lawyer?
As with any civil case the retainer fee will depend on your specific case. While I do not offer free consultations, I do provide free retainer estimates. The minimum retainer for a child support case is $1,500.00
When Can A Child Support Order Be Modified?
Unless special circumstances exist a child support order can be modified 3 years after the order was entered.
If My Ex-Spouse Is Behind On Child Support Can I Refuse To Allow Child Visitations
No, child support and child visitation are 2 separate issues. Most judges will not be happy with either parent in these cases.

If you have more questions regarding family law matters please check out my FAQ page or feel free to schedule a consultation. As a Child Support Attorney in Tyler, TX I can assist with child support issues in Smith, Gregg, and Rusk Counties.

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