Tyler Texas Workplace Injury Attorney

Where you seriously injured on the job?  Have you lost a loved one to a work-related death? Are you unsure of your rights regarding injury and damage compensation that you may be entitled to?  Under certain circumstances when you are seriously injured while on the job you may be able to sue your employer or possibly other individuals or companies for your injuries and damages received as a result of the injury.  If you have been seriously injured while working contact a Tyler Texas Workplace Injury Attorney for a free consultation to determine the next best step in your case.

Typical injuries that can occur in the workplace are:

Slip and fall injuries

Trip and fall injuries

Chemical exposure causing injuries

Burn injuries

Injuries from malfunctioning equipment


Heavy lifting injuries

Injuries caused by failing to have proper safety equipment

Injuries caused by lack of appropriate training

It is important that you speak to a Tyler Texas Workplace Injury Attorney as soon as possible following your injury so we can discuss your available options.  You should also report your injury immediately to our employer and seek proper medical care as soon as possible.  A qualified Tyler Texas Workplace Injury Attorney can assist you with gathering witness information and preserving evidence to attempt to build the strongest case possible.

I am dedicated to providing you honest legal advise and aggressive advocacy to optimize your potential recovery.  If you have been injured in a workplace injury or if you have a family member who has been injured call me so we can discuss the particular facts of your case.