Modify Divorce of DecreeThere are many things in your life that you can do on your own, Divorce should never be one of them. I handle both contested divorces and uncontested divorces. I understand the impact a divorce will have on everyone involved. I believe in honest straightforward advice to all of my divorce clients. At the initial divorce consult, I go through the divorce process with you, answer any specific questions you have, and ensure that I have a firm understanding of your expectations. I recommend bringing any relevant documents with you to your divorce consult. If you have already been served with court documents bring those with you as well. If you are facing a divorce I recommend consulting with a Tyler Divorce Lawyer as soon as possible.



Family Law Attorney in Tyler TexasA divorce can have lasting effects long after your divorce is final. Everything you have worked for and acquired while married is potentially at stake in a divorce. If your divorce is contested or there or certain mitigating factors it is important to retain an attorney who is experienced and invested in the outcome of your case. As a solo-practitioner, each and every case is extremely important to me. No attorney can guarantee the outcome of your case, but you can be confident with me as your attorney that I will aggressively fight for you. I have the experience and desire needed to handle complex litigation cases.   




Divorce and Family Court in TexasIn some divorces, spousal support may be an issue to be addressed.  Texas has specific circumstances that allow a person to seek spousal support from the other spouse even after the divorce is final.  Whether you qualify for spousal support or whether you might possibly have to pay spousal support is an important consideration in any divorce.  It is important to have an attorney who can explain whether spousal support might be available in your divorce, whether you might be the one ordered to pay spousal support as well as what factors are important for the court to consider, especially in looking a reasons to support an award of spousal support or reasons to deny an award of spousal support, depending on your specific case and facts.  If you have been married more than 10 years or your marriage involves some other factors that may involve a determination of spousal support it is important that you contact a Tyler Divorce Lawyer today to learn your rights. 


Tyler Texas Child Custody AttorneyChild support and custody determinations are an important element of a divorce involving children.  Generally, when your divorce is granted and orders are entered regarding child support these orders may not be modified for sometimes three years from the original order.  It is very important to set child support at the correct amount when the original order is entered as once it is entered you may not be able to change the order for at least three years.  If child support is not set correctly this could greatly impact both the person receiving and the person paying the child support.  Custody in Texas, more commonly referred to as conservatorship, is also an important aspect of a divorce involving children.  Orders regarding conservatorship will set forth your rights and duties as it relates to your children.  Just as it is important to make sure child support is calculated correctly in an original order it is just as important to make sure the conservatorship issues are also given attention in your original order as this will impact your ability to receive information and make decisions regarding your child.  I recommend you seek the advice of a qualified attorney who has experience in handling child support and custody issues.



Divorce Attorney in Tyler TexasOnce a Final Decree of Divorce is signed by the Judge you and your ex-spouse are expected to follow the provisions contained within the Final Decree.  However, you may find yourself in a position where your ex-spouse is not following the child provisions for possession, child support, and payment of medical expenses regarding the children.  In a situation like this, it is important that you speak to a lawyer who has experience with post-decree enforcement motions who can provide proper advice to you on how to proceed.  Additionally, there may be property provisions or debt provisions that require a party to do something after the decree is entered.  With property and debt division and related orders, it is important that you speak to an attorney as soon as you realize the other party is not following the order so appropriate action can be taken within the time required.  



Smith County Divorce ProcessOnce a Final Decree of Divorce is entered in your case this order remains in place until and unless someone decides a modification might be necessary.  It is important when thinking about a modification that there are certain timelines in place as far as child support, possession, and conservatorship as to when you are able to file a modification.  It is important to receive accurate information and understand these timelines before proceeding with a modification of a prior decree.  In addition to child-related provisions, there may also be circumstances where a modification of spousal support or other issues related to property and debt division are needed.