Slip and Falls

Under Texas law, a property owner has duty to keep his property reasonably safe, and to warn others of any dangerous condition if such a condition exists. Premises liability cases cover incidents where the property owner knew or should have know of a unsafe or dangerous condition, which causes bodily injury to a person on the premises. A qualified Slip and Fall Lawyer can handle these claims.

Premises liability cases slip and fall, trip and fall or even swimming pool drownings, that occur as a result of an unsafe or dangerous condition on the property, which the owner knew or should have known about, and the owner failed to warn the injured party of the unsafe or dangerous condition.

Slip and fall cases refer to situations where a person slips on someone else’s property. Slips usually occur while walking over slippery surfaces. Victims many times are not aware that the surface they are walking on is slippery, such as when a liquid is spilled on the floor. This commonly occurs in many public places such as grocery stores and convenience stores and can result from a customer spilling a beverage, container leaks, when a floor is mopped but not properly dried, or refrigeration equipment fails. In each instance, the store may be liable for the injuries. Each situation is different and contains different circumstances. An experienced slip and fall lawyer in Texas can properly evaluate your claim.