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Divorce Consultation with a Tyler Family Lawyer

At the Law Office of Cheryl A. Wulf, our goal is the best quality of service for your family law matter. I understand how hard any divorce or family law matter can. At the initial divorce consultation with a family lawyer in Tyler, the attorney should answer all of your questions and create a plan to achieve your desired results. If you are ready to schedule a consultation contact me, a knowledgable and compassionate family law attorney in Tyler. 

My Consultation Agreement

I know that many people have questions regarding the divorce process. In order for you to receive answers, I provide potential clients with an initial consultation. I charge $250.00 for an initial consultation if the consultation lasts longer than 1 hour I charge my hourly rate after the first hour.

If you decide to retain my services after the consultation your consultation fee can be applied towards your total retainer.  


Prepare For Your Consultation

As an experienced family law attorney, I understand that the divorce process may be new for you. I recommend that you complete the online consultation form before the consultation.

If you have been served with any legal documents bring those with you. Also, bring any other documents you may have that you feel are important to your divorce proceeding 

Create a list of questions and concerns you have about your case. This is what the initial consultation is for. When hiring a family law attorney you should feel comfortable in being forthcoming about your situation and freely ask questions if you don’t understand something. At the end of your consultation with a family lawyer, you both should be on the same page regarding desired results. As a solo practicing divorce attorney, the results of every case is extremely important to me. 

What To Expect At The Consultation?

The first part of the consultation is a time for me and a potential client to get to know each other. I will ask for some basic information, including employment history, income, the reason for divorce, date of marriage, and any children information. This may not seem important now but knowing this information at the start of your case is crucial. 

After that you will have a chance to ask any questions, discuss the desired outcome of your case. I will provide any recommendations I may have based on my experience as a local Tyler Divorce Attorney.  

Set enough time aside so that you don’t feel rushed in the consultation. I encourage potential clients to bring a notebook and take notes. 

Scheduling Divorce Consultations

Please contact my office by

Phone (903) 525-9870 

Email: Curtis@wulf-law.com

Or Click Here


FAQs About Divorce Consults

Why Do You Charge a Consultation Fee?

The initial consultation allows me to take the time needed to focus your specific case. I provide an individual approach to your issues. This consult allows us to begin working towards your desired outcome.

Will the Consultation Fee be Applied to the Retainer?

Yes, the cost for a one-hour initial consult can be applied towards the total retainer amount if requested by the client?

Can I Bring Someone With Me To The Consult?

I recommend that you come alone as some of the questions may be personal. However, if you feel more comfortable bringing a family member or close friend you can do that as well. 

How Long Does The Divorce Consult Last?

The average length of a consult will typically last for approximately one hour. If your case is more complex you should set aside enough time not to be rushed.

Can I Cancel or Reschedule? 

If you are unable to make it to your scheduled consultation time, I request that you notify my office 24 hours in advanced. 

Can I Pay With A Credit Card?

Yes, I can email you a link which will allow you to use a major credit or debit card.