Divorce Attorney in Palestine Tx

If you are looking for a divorce attorney in Palestine TX area, contact me for a divorce consultation. Located in Tyler I represent people going through a divorce in Palestine, TX and throughout Anderson County. A divorce is an emotional time for all parties involved. The first decision in a divorce is consulting with an experienced family law attorney.

Finding A Divorce Attorney In Palestine TX Area

I suggest first doing an online search for “divorce attorney in Palestine, TX”. Create a short list of divorce attorneys that you are interested in meeting with. Next research each attorney just as you would a doctor or hair salon. Read their reviews carefully, this should narrow your list considerably. Consider the attorney’s education and experience.  Speak with friends and family for suggestions on a divorce lawyer. I obtain many new clients based on referrals from friends and family. This is why making sure my clients are extremely satisfied with their results are important to me. 

Divorce Process In Anderson County, Texas

To initiate a divorce in Anderson County a petition for divorce must be filed. After the petition is filed your spouse will be served with the papers or sign a waiver of service, depending on if your divorce is contested or uncontested. Next will be the discovery phase and a chance to reach a divorce settlement. The final step is the trial if needed. If you are in need of a quality divorce attorney in Palestine TX feel free to contact me. 

Settling a Divorce Case

There are several ways to settle a divorce or family law matter in Texas. 

  1. Sometimes parties reach an agreement before any attorneys get involved. 
  2. Sometimes divorce attorney in Palestine Tx will communicate back and forth and can reach a fair settlement for both parties. 
  3. Mediation

It is imperative that your lawyer does not pressure you into reaching a settlement agreement. Your family law attorney should have a willing attitude to take your divorce to trial if needed. Sometimes your spouse can be difficult to deal with and trial may be the best course of action.  Your divorce attorney in Palestine Tx should take an aggressive approach if your particular case calls for it.