The importance of choosing the best attorney for you and your particular legal matter cannot be stressed enough. The attorney you choose will have such a big impact on your case. It is crucial that your attorney has the experience and knowledge to properly represent you to achieve your desired results. The effects of divorce or a car accident are long-lasting and should be handled correctly from the start.

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

The divorce process is one of the most emotional experiences a person can go through. Divorce affects everyone involved, including your children. An experienced and knowledgable divorce attorney can alleviate the stress that comes naturally with a divorce.

Experience and Skill is Vital to a Postive Outcome

The Texas Family Code which is involved in a Family law case can be complex. For this reason, it’s imperative to be represented by an experienced divorce attorney in Tyler, Texas that has a firm understanding of the Texas Family Code. Local experience can also play an important role. A local attorney will know how each court operates and the tendencies of other local family law attorneys.

If we can reach a settlement in your case that is beneficial to you, great. If a settlement cannot be reached, you can rest assured I will have your case ready to go to trial. Your attorney should have the same desire to reach a positive outcome for your case as you do.

Fees for a Divorce

As you probably already know divorce is not cheap. Everything that you have in your life, finances, house, vehicles, retirement, children are all potentially in play when going through a contested divorce. So while I understand that coming up with a retainer for a quality divorce attorney may be difficult, this amount truly pales in comparison of what you stand to potentially lose. In life there are many things to look for at a discount, hiring a discount lawyer shouldn’t be one of them.

Do An Internet Search

Reviews are a daily part of your life, either before ordering a pizza, getting your nails done, or having your car repaired. A divorce attorney who is hired to help protect the most important things to you should also be reviewed.

Take a minute and read the reviews that are listed to make sure the divorce attorney doesn’t have a lot of negative reviews. On the other hand with attorneys that have an abundant amount of reviews, carefully read each review, in some cases the reviews are from other attorneys, employees, family members, or even the actual attorney themselves.

Build A Relantionship With Your Attorney

I have worked at big law firms in the past. Yes, this did provide me with some valuable experience, however, you were never able to provide an individual approach for your client. Now that I am a solo attorney I am allowed to get to know each of my clients personally. This allows me to have a better understanding of their unique circumstances.

Whatever divorce lawyer you choose you should feel comfortable with your decision. If you are ready to schedule an initial consultation contact me at (903) 525-9870 or email me.