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As a local Tyler DWI Lawyer I understand the hardships that come with a DWI arrest. If you have been arrested for a driving while intoxicated it is important to consult with an attorney that handles cases involving driving while intoxicated. The sooner that you have a capable and local Tyler DWI Lawyer on your side the better the chances of resolving the matter quickly is more likely. The benefit of hiring a local attorney is that they are familiar with the Smith County District Attorney’s Office and the Courts.  

      As with any criminal case it is important that your defense attorney reviews all the evidence in the case. It is also important to understand all of the facts and circumstances regarding the DWI arrest.


Hardships of a DWI Arrest or Conviction


   Tyler DWI Lawyer  Aside from the obvious jail time possible. An arrest can cause a person to have their license suspended, additional insurance rates, and surcharges paid to the state. If your license has been suspended due to an arrest you may have to apply for a occupational license to be able to get to work and back home. It is important to contact a competent defense attorney who can guide you through this process. I always try and provide the most information possible to all of my clients so that will be aware of all of their options.


Field Sobriety Test in Texas


In Texas there are three different field sobriety test that are recognized.

  1. Horizontal gaze nystagmus
  2. One-leg stand
  3. Walk and turn


     An officer will perform these test when they suspect a person has been drinking and driving. Basically an officer will typically observe how a person performs on the test and note “indicators” which could be an indicator of intoxication.  If the officer observes enough of these “indicators” he will typically come to the conclusion that the person is intoxicated.

     Many times the officer will not take into consideration other factors that may make a person perform poorly on their test. For instance, some people have a natural horizontal gaze nystagmus and do not even know this. If you have a hurt leg or back this could adversely affect both the one-leg stand and the walk and turn tests. Other people may just have trouble with their balance.


Blood and Breath Specimen Sample


     In addition to the above field sobriety test an officer may ask for either a blood or breath specimen from a suspected drunk driver. If a person refuses a blood and/or breath sample they may have their license suspended. If you fail or refuse a field sobriety test it is important to contact a experienced DWI attorney as soon as possible.


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