Premise Liability AttorneyI am a Premise Liability Attorney in Tyler Texas and have successful experience in handling Slip and Falls and Premise Liability cases in Smith County  and surrounding counties in Texas. Premises Liability Cases are somewhat different to handle than a car accident claim. Texas Law requires the owner of a property to either have actual knowledge or constructive knowledge of the dangerous condition that caused a person to be injured. Often times premise liability claims consist of an individual slipping on something or tripping on something. Many personal injury lawyers won’t accept premise liability claims due to the more stringent laws. 


Premise Liability Attorney Tyler Texas Slip and Falls


     If you or someone you know has been involved with a premise liability claim, it is important to gather as many facts at the scene as possible. Important information to gather could include; witness contact information, store employee names, manager names, and pictures from the scene can all be beneficial when attempting to settle an injury claim that occurred on another person’s property. It is also important to receive medical treatment as needed for any injuries that may have occurred from the fall.


   Business owners or insurance companies often times deny liability in these cases until a personal injury attorney becomes involved. Insurance companies will usually attempt to obtain a recorded statement from the injured party as quick as possible. Before the insurance company speaks with you, contact a qualified premise liability attorney regarding your rights. It is crucial to contact a personal injury attorney that handles these types of claims at the very beginning. A qualified premises liability attorney will take the proper steps in preserving any evidence needed for a lawsuit.


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    Cheryl A. Wulf is a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Law by Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I have experience in helping Texans receive compensation for injuries that have occurred on someone else’s property. Many of these personal injury claims can be resolved quickly and without filing a lawsuit. With over a decade of handling personal injury claims and dealing with insurance companies, Cheryl has the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully handle these cases. For a free no obligation consultation please contact me.


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